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Private Christian Secondary School


HCA has grades 6th-8th in our middle school and 9th-12th in our high school.

Academics- Students enjoy learning and find practical applications to content learned in school at HCA.  We follow state of Florida guidelines for required middle and high school courses for promotion and credits.  Students complete community service hours so they can qualify for Bright Futures Scholarships and to learn to be mission minded.   

HCA is accredited through the League of Christian Schools and Cognia.  Students in high school have the opportunity to take the SAT at school during the fall or spring semester. 

Elective Classes- Studets have a variety of elective courses in additional to religion.  Middle school students participate in a rotation of electives including agriculture, Spanish, PE, STEAM, and agriculture.  

Brain Breaks- HCA believes students need a little down time each day to get a snack, talk to their friends, and decompress. Each day students are given a 10-15 minute break to do just that.  It is scheduled into the morning schedule by grade level.  This helps the students have a time of rejuvenation before tackling the remainder of the day.


Honor Roll and Pride of the Pride- Students with high academic achievement are recognized with a variety of incentives.

Field Trips, Clubs and Academic Enrichment-  Various activities are scheduled throughout the school year to enhance the content taught in the classroom.  Field trips to distant locations like St. Augustine, STEM field trips for indoor skydiving, and cultural field trips like to the Orlando Repertory Theater are included in the curriculum.  Fun day activities are also scheduled like 12 Hours and off campus trips that are not academic.  Students also get to also get to select a seminar from a selected list and can participate in one day a week.  

College Visits- Students in 9-12th grade visit 1-2 colleges per year.  College recruiters also visit campus to give students an opportunity to learn about Christian, private, and public colleges and universities.  HCA partners with Southeastern University for dual enrollment. Each year, dual enrollment students get to visit SEU in Lakeland for College for a Day.  Find more college resources here.

House System- Every student at HCA is assigned to a house- Braveheart (blue) or Lionheart (green)- upon acceptance.  The HCA House system awards points for positive behaviors and great academics.  Students can also earn points for participating in Spirit Days, mission projects, and other school wide activities.  Families can access their child's house points through a special app so they can see the positive behaviors the student has at school.

Senior Privileges-  Seniors get added benefits at HCA:

  • Lunch off campus

  • Exam Exemptions

  • Graduation Lunch

  • Senior Skip Days

  • Priority Parking

  • Senior Trip

HCA Graduation Requirements Checklist

HCA Elective Choices

HCA Course Sequence

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