Private Christian Elementary School


HCA has grades K-5th in our elementary school.

Academics- Daily instruction is provided in core academics and Bible.  Teachers use a variety of curriculum and resources to differentiate for different learning needs with students that may have challenges or need enrichment.  

HCA is currently working with Johns Hopkins University and Step Up for Students in implementing Wit and Wisdom, Fundations Phonics (K-2) and Eureka Math in K-5.  Our teachers are being trained with amazing professional development to help increase rigor and engagement with our students.  2020-21 was year 1.  Teachers are departmentalized so that students will have an expert in either math or ELA for instruction.

Our class sizes are at or below class size amendments for Florida schools.  Most classes are a 1:14 teacher student ratio.

Elective Classes- As a part of a well-rounded curriculum, students have a selection of other courses throughout the week.  Most occur one day a week for one hour.  These classes included art, PE, STEM, and Spanish. Students also participate in a social/emotional learning class each week with the guidance counselor.

Recess- HCA believes recess is an integral part of an elementary student's day.  Since our school day is a bit longer than a traditional elementary school, recess is 20 minutes once or twice a day for each class.  Students can play on the playground, play soccer or basketball, or socialize with their peers.


Technology- Chromebooks and iPads are available for classroom use.  In addition, teachers use classroom TV's broadcast educational videos, brain break songs, and other items directly related to the curriculum.  Teachers use technology for virtual field trips, investigations, and research as well as fun educational games.

Field Trips and Academic Enrichment-  Various activities are scheduled throughout the school year to enhance the content taught in the classroom.  Field trips for elementary include Sea World, the Lowery Park Zoo, Bok Tower Garden, and Legoland (depending on grade).

House System- Every student at HCA is assigned to a house- blue or green- upon acceptance.  The HCA House system awards points for positive behaviors and great academics.  Students can also earn points for participating in Spirit Days, mission projects, and other school wide activities.  Families can access their child's house points through a special app so they can see the positive behaviors the student has at school.

Honor Roll and Pride of the Pride- Students that earn a 3.0 GPA or above earn academic awards each quarter.  Those students that earn a 4.0 GPA and have Excellent citizenship earn the Pride of the Pride award. An Awards Night is held at the end of the school year to recognize all those that earn academic, character, and class leader awards.