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Biblical Integration

Our vision includes teaching students to live with good character and integrity.  To achieve this for our students, we integrate the Bible into all aspects of the day.  

Each day begins with prayer and pledges, showing respect for God and country.  All students have daily religion and Bible classes as well as spiritual applications infused through all curriculum areas.

Weekly chapel provides a time for detailed reflection in spiritual applications.  All grades participate in a chapel designed for their age level.  Guest speakers such as local pastors, youth pastors, missionaries, and other special events are included in our chapel schedule.

Our faculty and staff provide Godly examples of how to live for Jesus each and every day.  We hope that every aspect of our campus demonstrates the love of Jesus.

HCA believes that the family and the church are the main teacher of spiritual learning in a child's life.  HCA is here to come alongside the family and assist in fully integrating Godly integrity and character into a daily walk with God.

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