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International Student Program

Heartland Christian Academy's International Student Program accepts students on rolling admissions. Students may apply at any time, but students are offered admission in the fall or winter (August or January). HCA begins applications as early as one year in advance. We recommend that international students apply as early as possible.


  • HCA only accepts international students eligible to enroll in high school-level courses.

  • Students may apply if they have completed grade 8. The student must be 19 years old or younger on September 1 of the year of attendance and may not turn 20 before June 1.

  • Students must complete the HCA International Student Application and submit all required documents and fees.

  • Students must have two letters of recommendation from non-relative references who have known the student for over a year. One directly addressing academics must be from a teacher, counselor, or administrator. The second letter must directly be a character reference.

  • Students enrolled in HCA must attend full time on HCA campus per week. Every student is required to take religion. Other courses will be decided based on the goals of the student. Full time for students in grades 9-11th is 7 courses. Full time for 12th grade is 4-7 courses, depending on completed coursework in prior years. Tuition is the same no matter the number of courses the student enrolls.  Scheduling is based on the HCA schedule, not the schedule of the student. Students must be earning a 70% or better in all courses or may be subject to dismissal.

  • Students must attend 90% of the scheduled school days. Any attendance issues may be cause for dismissal and the students I20 will be revoked.

  • Students are expected to follow all guidelines in the HCA Community Handbook. Please ensure that each applicant reviews the handbook prior to paying the initial fee.

  • Students must participate in required religion class as well as chapel each week, no matter their religious affliation.

Required Documentation (prior to scheduling an interview)

  • 2-3 photos of the applicant

  • Copy of passport

  • An official copy of the applicant's academic record (school transcript) from the beginning of 8th grade until now. The transcript must be provided in the original language, translated into English and must be provided and certified by the issuing institution.  Second party confirmation will not be considered.

  • All documents must be submitted to, faxed to 863-385-5752, or mailed to the school.

  • **Upon arrival and entry into HCA, students will need the required immunizations for Florida, a copy of a birth certificate, and a current physical. 

Interview Requirement

An interview will be scheduled via Skype or available platform. Each interview will require 20-40 minutes. The interview will be scheduled after the required non-refundable application fee of $250 is paid via wire transfer. Wire transfer information can be found here.

Acceptance Decision

​After completing the interview, a decision will be made within two business days for enrollment.

Required Deposit

After acceptance, the student/family is required to pay the $1000 non-refundable deposit. The student will receive an enrollment packet with an enrollment and financial contract. This is due within two weeks of the acceptance. Wire transfer information can be found here.

Acceptance of Contract

The student is officially enrolled upon receipt of the signed Enrollment Contract and non-refundable tuition deposit.  Once the student is enrolled, we will mail an enrollment package to the student, including the original I-20 document and additional instructions to assist you in successfully applying for your F-1 visa.

As we issue the I-20 paperwork (needed to gain a F-1 student Visa), the student is responsible for contacting their local U.S. Embassy to schedule a visa interview.  The student must also pay the U.S. Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) I-901 fee online at

Tuition Payment

Students must submit half of the tuition within one month of the beginning of the semester, or the family will forfeit the $1000 deposit—this deadline is July 1 or December 1. For 2023-24, tuition is $11,500 for a full year (10 months).  Wire transfer information can be found here.

Available Airports

HCA can offer support for travel after arriving in Florida. Students may fly into to Orlando or Tampa airports. Any other airport should be pre-approved.

Host Family

HCA is limited in the number of host families available. Host family fees will be in addition to tuition and fees. Please email if you would like to request a host family.


All students, no matter their affiliation with other organizations, are required to meet the requirements for HCA. As the I20 issuing agency, HCA's determination is based on our program, not the requirements of any other organization.

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