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STEM Focused

In 2016-17, a new class was created for 5th-8th grade students.  STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) was part of the specials rotation.  In 2017-18, all students in grades K-8th took STEM 1 day a week.  STEM is an elective option for 6th-8th grade this school year.

By incorporating hands on learning with basic materials, students are able to apply concepts such as structural engineering, measurement, weight/load bearing, and physics.

In 2017-18, two new science programs were introduced to middle and high school.  A project based program for earth-space science and high school engineering were included in the daily schedule.  This was extended in 2018-19 with life science and physical science.  Each class offers more than the basic vocabulary and learning that happens in science.  Engineering constructs projects using electric saws.  Earth-space uses projects to understand how the class relates to real life.

HCA also offers a STEM summer camp.  More information can be found in the Spring on our Facebook Page.

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