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Letter from the Director


Rebekah Kogelschatz has been Director at HCA since 2016-17.

Mrs. Kogelschatz has a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Education from the University of Texas, Arlington, and a Bachelor's of Science in Exceptional Education from the University of Central Florida.  She is certified by the State of Florida in Exceptional Education, Mathematics 5-9, Mathematics 6-12, Middle Grades Integrated Studies, and  has the gifted endorsement.  She has been in education since 1996.

Mrs. Kogelschatz is married to Rick, a principal in the public sector, and has three children,  Garrett, Sophia, and Jillian, all who attend HCA.

Heartland Christian Academy is so much more than a school.

As the Director and a parent of three HCA students, I hope that all families find that HCA is a place that encourages spiritual and academic development for students and families.  As the school has gone through many changes in the past years, HCA continues to strive to change the culture of learning for students in Highlands County with an emphasis on critical thinking skills and problem solving all embedded in a spiritual world view.

As each year passes, HCA continues to add in new programs for our students.  Our goal is that enrich student's academics, spiritual life, and provide opportunities for students to grow in extra curricular areas as well.  

God brought me at HCA in 2016.  After working many years in the public school system, I felt called to work in Christian education. God open the doors to a teaching job at HCA.  Within a few months, I then became the Director.  I am very blessed to work with an amazing faculty and staff and with amazing families at HCA.       

It is with great excitement that we are celebrating 30 years in 2020! God has great plans for HCA in Highlands County! Although 2020 has started like no other year, I know that we will continue to provide a worthy education for our families.  I hope families and the community with join us in celebrating Christian education in our community!


Rebekah Kogelschatz


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