HCA AVID Program for the Secondary School

The AVID program is designed to improve college readiness skills for all students, to close the achievement gap for every student, and make all students college ready.  Many of the strategies will be implemented in all classes.  In addition to the school implementation, AVID has the opportunity for students to participate in the elective program.  

Students must apply to be part of the AVID.  Space is limited and applying does not mean your child will be placed in the elective class.


AVID is an acronym for Advancement Via Individual Determination. The elective class is designed to prepare students for admission to a four-year college or university after graduation from high school. AVID is a very popular and successful program that is highly recommended by students, parents, and educators throughout the country.

The AVID program is for students who have a GPA of 2.0-3.5 and a strong desire to go to a four-year college or university. Determination is a key component of the AVID program.  Although AVID serves all students, it focuses on the least served students in the academic middle. Students in the program take the AVID class at the same time they are enrolled in rigorous courses. The AVID class focuses on writing, critical thinking, collaboration, reading, note-taking, study skills, and college/career/motivational activities. Students are expected to keep an organized binder and take notes in every class every day of the week. Tutors are in the AVID class twice per week. 

In the AVID  elective class, students will learn skills that will prepare them to be successful in advanced courses in both high school and college. Writing, inquiry, collaboration, and reading methods are used to accelerate students’ skills. Twice a week, college tutors come into the AVID classroom to help answer questions that students have about difficult content.   In the AVID elective classroom students will also explore potential careers and research colleges and universities.

To be part of the AVID elective, the student must complete the application and short answer questions.  A parent signature is required for a student to be considered for participation. After reviewing applications, students will be selected for interviews by the AVID teacher and other staff members.  If you think AVID sounds like a good program for you, complete the application.

AVID is available to 6th-8th grade students and 9th-11th grade students.  Availability is based on course schedule for each student.  Students should apply independently and want to participate in the AVID program.

AVID Information Slide Show

With this change, all 6th-12th grade students will be required to have the following supplies (even those not in AVID):

  • 3 inch binder with pockets- D Ring preferred 

  • Dividers with pockets to separate each academic class (purchase a 8-10 pack)

  • Notebook Paper

  • A pencil pouch with holes

  • 5 pencils

  • 2 black ink pens 

  • 2 highlighters

  • 1 pink eraser

  • Student planner 

This binder will be used by all teachers in every class.  There may be additional supplies for individual teachers.

Are you ready to help your secondary student succeed?  Email for an application!