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Academic Support Leads to Academic Success

The faculty and staff are dedicated to helping all student achieve academic success.  Each child is looked at as an individual. Here are some examples of how HCA supports academic success for all students:

  • Secondary students are provided weekly grade checks. 

  • Elementary students can be referred for additional assistance through the Title 1 program with a certified teacher for reading or math remediation.

  • IEP and 504 plans are honored to the best of our ability.  Special education services are not provided, however teachers take into account all accommodations from service plans.  Please see the Director to determine if your child's needs can be served at HCA.

  • The School Board of Highlands County provides services to those families that select to participate according to a student's IEP.

  • Online acceleration and remediation programs.

  • Hands-on science programs help students have great success with science applications.

  • Academic field trips are used as demonstration of real life application of topics learned in class.

  • Accelerate students in various academic subjects.

  • Academics enrichment provided through extracurricular activities and special events.

There are many more ways HCA helps encourage academic success.  Please schedule your education consultation with the Director to discuss your child's individual needs.

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